"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Glass Houses

1. Kristen was in Korea for the 
"Chanel Cruise 2016"  last Monday.
How fucking beautiful is she?
I hesitate to say flawless
because no one really is...
And one of the things I adore most
about Kristen
are her flaws.
And how she owns them.
So how about we compromise and say...
Flawed Perfection.

Because I really think that is what she shows us.
Without really trying.

Casually gorgeous.

And there is something about her lately
where she looks so...
And it looks wonderful on her.

2. Rob was at the Met Ball
Rob looked great.
Because honestly
Rob + Tux = Handsome
It's just the way it is.
We all should be used to it by now.
The man cleans up VERY well.

So Rob went with Twigs to the Met Ball.
He looked happy.
They looked happy.
At least I think so.

I guess it was their first 'official' event together...
And if you want to be excited and giddy
Hey... enjoy the moment.

It's been almost 9 months...
and every time new pics of the two of them come out
people act like they've never seen them together before.

Like. Oh my god!!!
When did this happen???
Let's just ignore the last 9 months of pictures
we have seen of them
and pretend this is the very first time!!!
Then the drama and the name calling
And the drama.
And more name calling.
Let's not forget the drama.
And name calling.

And it would be one thing to be happy 
that there are cute pics of a couple you like together
~being Together
I know how that feels.
(Well... I used to know how that feels)

But then we get the Baby Brigade
huffing and puffing
(And trying like hell to blow that house down)
and trying to rationalize why they are together again
You know how it goes...

The pics are photoshopped.
Or old.
Or staged.
(amazingly... EVERY picture is fake in some way)
Rob is married to Kristen
and they have a baby!
Kristen is pregnant with baby #2!!
Poor Rob has to babysit his investment.
Rob is hanging out with Twigs to protect
his privacy with Kristen...
Never mind that celebrities more sought after
than they are have no problems being in a normal
relationship and having a family.
Imagine thinking that Rob and Kristen
are more in demand and need more privacy 
Than the future King of England.
Because he somehow manages to work it all out just fine.
And who is under more scrutiny than he is?

3. Thomas Sturridge.
I wish I could convey how much I adore him.
Or do I?
Does a brief mention at the end of a post 
Make my feelings clear?
Tom is having a great 2015 so far.
"Far from the Madding Crowd"
With Carey Mulligan
Is getting good reviews and getting Tom attention.
And then there is the play
"American Buffalo"
And every thing I read about it
Says what an incredible performance by Tom.
Tom belongs on the stage...
I think he's most at home there.
I think he's so talented...
I can't wait to see whats next.
And just in case the point was missed...

4. I hate to say this
(OK, not really)
But there are just as many shitty Rob fans
As there are shitty Kristen fans.
(to the complete embarrassment of this fandom)
All the vile hate against Twigs and Kristen
is completely uncalled for.
But I'm finding it pretty fucking tedious
when some of these pompous know-it-all Lunatics
try to paint all of Kristen's fans
with the same shitty brush.

But there are plenty of disgruntled Rob fans out there too.
Equal Opportunity Disappointment.
The shit is everywhere.
On every side.
And seriously...
These Fringe fans are so quick to say
"Kristen's Fans are the WORST"
"I can't believe the hatred for Twigs!"
Are you new here?
Many of these same people
not only followed
while she attacked Kristen and anyone
who was associated with her
with vile horrific hater bullshit
They laughed at what she had to say
and encouraged her for more.
How convenient to have forgotten what has been-
And is still being said about Kristen to this day.
Neither Twigs or Kristen deserve the hate spewed at them.

But your fucking glass house has a lot of
 broken windows.

5. Just because I don't want to talk
about Twigs or Alicia very much
doesn't mean I'm in denial.
The reality is I really don't have much
 to say about either of them
because they don't matter to me...
and just because they are the ones
who are closest to Rob and Kristen right now
doesn't mean I have to fawn all over them
to be considered a 'true fan'.
Fuck that noise.

I keep hearing Rosalie's line from Eclipse
in my head when it comes to them..

"I don't hate you...
But I don't particularly like you"

That's about right.

This post has been brought to you
by all the people
who will read my words
And wonder if I'm talking about them.
(I am)

Until next time.

Bye for now.

And just remember...